Sunday, 17 May 2015

Scrapheaps, Balloons and an Oboe!

Barnabys TV  programme of the moment is Scrapheap Challenge - talk about engrossed. He seems to have an inherited knowledge of 'how to make things work'. His Daddy, and his Grampy, well they are engineery type peeps. His Dad 'does' 'stuff' (you might notice I am not one of these engineery type peeps and thus can't elaborate any further on that statement. It's stuff. And he does it.) Barnaby is also going to be a doer of this stuff. His engineering gene is switching on in his brain.
I am led to believe this because he shouts at the telly 'TUT. They don't have enough traction on that. If they go up anything steeper they'll just slide back down' and 'TUT one chain will never cope. They need a second to take the weight'.
Lo and behold 30 seconds later the expert is telling them their traction is dodgy and they need a second chain.
I don't know how he knows it. Neither does he. I asked him. He's got no clue.
Personally I am just thrilled he's very nearly graduated from the 'how to take things apart' stage of his life. Clocks, kitchen timers, anything with a cable, buttons or a noise has been dissected by Barnaby. Hopefully now he'll learn he has to put things back together too!

The upside of this Scrapheap Challenge fascination is that he's asked if he and his Dad can work on a project together on the weekends he's staying with him. His actual request was that he got his own workshop built and furnished with any sharp or dangerous tools and one that make bright sparks when you use it. I'm not sure that's going to happen but I expect he'll be feeling pretty chuffed when he's built himself a Go Kart or something!

This weekend was all about friends and family - it was my birthday Friday so he had chance to see some of his school friends who had popped in, then he spent 3 hours playing hide and seek with a couple of friends from in our road. Saturday he went to Cattle Country for another friends birthday and thoroughly enjoyed himself, running around, wearing himself out and stuffing his face with food!

For my birthday I was given some helium balloons - not only did they prove that 39 year olds love them as much as 7 year olds but they can prompt a whole chat about different types of gas and then cause Barnaby to spend at least an hour and a half attaching them on to various objects: socks, toy army men, toys and teddy bears to see if the balloons would lift any of them. I asked him to guess in advance whether they would, and how many he thought it might take.

The kittens were not so thrilled with this game and guess what... 3 balloons aren't enough to send a cat skyward but is enough to terrify them so they fly upstairs with the balloons bobbing behind them. Who knew?!

Sunday we had a real treat - we went with our friends Vicky and Jemima to see another friend who was playing Oboe in the Gloucester Symphony Orchestra for their performance of Peter and the Wolf! We loved it! Not only did it allow Barnaby (handily in the front row) to learn the look and style of some of the different instruments that were being played but at the end they handed out instruments to all the kids who were lead by the conductor in a final piece of music. It was great - everyone enjoyed it and it's reiterated to Barnaby that he absolutely positively must become a drummer! I was more taken aback at how much effort it looks to play an Oboe! Well done Louise, I'd have passed out after about the 12th breath not from not enough puff!!

Sorry for no pics in this blog - my phone has broken so nothing to take them with!

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