Thursday, 11 February 2016

Warwick Castle - 3rd time lucky!

Last week we went to Warwick Castle. This was our third visit but actually only the first time we'd gone in the castle itself. In previous times there was so much going on outside that we just never got there.

We really enjoyed ourselves and because it was just the two of us, we spent ages roaming around deciding which bedrooms would be mine, and his, and the servants!

He was alarmed at the servants rule on the wall - walking 3 paces behind someone and not speaking unless spoken to first did not appeal for Barnaby who spends much of his life talking nineteen-to-the-dozen to anyone who will listen and generally running around in circles constantly. 

We fed peacocks, we got wet in the rain (of course!), we met a (very nice) knight who showed us all the weaponry in his collection, embellishing all his stories to make them as gruesome as possible, much to Barnabys delight. The thought of being an arrow collector and having to push the arrow right through an injured person in order to collect it and take it back to be used in battle again held some sort of repulsive appeal for my boy!!! 

We were pleased to see the waxwork of Henry VIII and all his wives, Barnaby was telling everyone else in the room exactly how and why they died and we sang a song about it that we'd learnt at the Horrible Histories stage show a few years ago. 

The whole day really fired his imagination and he hasn't stopped talking about how he'd build a castle, what he'd put in it, how he'd treat his servants and who would like where! He's spent a good portion of most days since the visit sword fighting enemies and/or the sofa! 

All in all a lovely day and I'm pleased we've finally managed to get inside the castle, even if all the waxwork dummies filled me with absolute panic and fear - I really hate them but had forgotten how much! They are scary!! 

Definitely worth going if you've never been - just be aware that in the summer there is at least a 15 minute walk from the car park to get to the castle - 7 minutes in the winter when you can park in the top car park (there are drop off points close by for those less abled). Take a picnic because inside is like anywhere - pretty pricey. A coke and a coffee (both of which we literally never buy) cost us a fiver - I thought that was expensive - is it? However their restaurant was serving full roast dinner £8,95 for an adult and £5.95 for child . Can't comment on the taste but it looked and smelled amazing! Beware the shop that you HAVE to pass through before leaving. Obviously a kid magnet and among the odd bit of tat and sweets there are all the swords and shields. They have some cheap stuff - but its just that, cheap - of course the kids want a 'proper' wooden sword and the middle size is £16 - the large is £23. 

If you get chance to see the jousting show do go - it's the best thing we have seen there I think.

Oh and don't forget you need a token to get out the car park - it's £6 to park there all day.

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