Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Easter 2015 - The whistle stop tour of Xbox and Periods

Well this is a whizz through the Easter break:

First thing to mention is that as one of those weirdo freak type people that home eds her kid, I don't have to run to a school schedule (Hurrah!). We do though. At least, we are at the moment. That is because all the normal people who school educate their kids are more available for me Barnaby to play with. So makes perfect sense to lie to my Son and declare 'no learning for a fortnight' and secretly snigger that he's not yet old enough to realise there's no on/off switch when it comes to learning, mwahahah! 

After all, it's not like school kids learn nothing when out of school now, is it?!

So, he *thinks* he's been on holiday but actually what he's done is:

  • Played with his friends. Fallen out with his friends. Made friends with his friends. Made dens with his friends. Played football with his friends. Gone to the park with his friends.
  • He's been to a castle. He's been to a farm.
  • He's cooked dinner. 
  • We've baked. 
  • He's read every day. 
  • He's learnt how to use a washing machine. 
  • He's entered a drawing competition.
  • He climbed Robinswood Hill. 
  • He went to football club for 2 mornings and got a medal for scoring 4 goals. 
  • He's learnt how to tell fibs about goal scoring.
  • He achieved his goal of earning £25 for an Xbox 360, went and bought it off our lovely friend and said every day for a week 'I love my xbox, I love working hard and getting an xbox'.
  • He watched Mummy get very frustrated attempting to untangle 40 miles of cables for the telly, DVD, wii, TV box, router, wireless flashing box type thing, and nearly watched his beloved xbox be flung across the lounge and he very definitely learnt not to ask me "Mummy. Are you actually cross at the xbox or is it because you are about to start bleeding from your foo?" 
Actual words.
Bleeding foo.
  • Anyway he learnt not to ask that question entirely by the look I gave him and by nothing I actually said. :) The fact he's getting the gist of this so early in life will score him points with his future wife, I'm sure.
  • He learnt that eating chocolate for breakfast got boring after the first day because, well, he doesn't really like chocolate.
  • He went to his Dads for 4/5 days and spent time with his little sister who he loves and hates in equal measure. Which is just how it should be when you are 7. They went to her school holiday club trip to a farm and he learnt he could tell the leader he was allergic to sheep and pull the wool over her eyes (pun intended because I'm hilarious, obvs).
  • He enquired about how the seeds got in his tentacles. I  broke the news to him that he isn't an octopus and they aren't called tentacles.
  • He learnt that 'period' is probably a nicer thing to say than 'bleeding foo'.

Footie medal for winning the world cup. Yes. The Actual World Cup. 
So there you go. Holidays thoroughly enjoyed and nothing learnt whatsoever.  What a relief!
Nope, no natural colours or flavourings there....
Because sitting in a picnic
chair, playing harmonica
wearing a footie kit, watching
telly, in the lounge is *the*
thing to do over Easter

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