Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sunshine, scarecrows and smear tests

Saturday saw a scouts adventure day so I dropped off at the scout HQ in Tuffley and left him and his friend Jack for 7 hours of apple bobbing, climbing walls, badge making,  picnics and it's fair to say he was barely standing by the time he got back through the front door!  Good day all round it seems. 

When Barnaby met Ed Sheeran.....
Then on Sunday we were invited to join some friends in Quedgeley and participate in the local Scarecrow Hunt. 43 locations which was approximately a 7 mile walk - though we only did 5 of those.
What a beautiful day we had, map navigating,  seeing all the brilliantly thought out costumes and finding routes across Quedgeley I didn't know existed (despite living there for 5 years!).
Barnaby was particularly thrilled to meet Ed Sheeran along the way! 
When we had completed as much as we could we left and headed over to a special boys 3rd birthday bbq and had more fun with friends.
He didn't have a clue who Worzel was....! 

We revived our roll a robot tournament but changed it into a roll a snail game instead: details here, if you're wondering! Roll a robot tournament

"Make sure I look like a Dude Mum"

Great excitement in the household when Barnaby had saved enough for his brand new BMX!  We went to Asda to put his coins into the counting machine and then to pick it up on Monday.
The afternoon was spent watching me build it. It would have been a prime opportunity to get him involved in reading the instructions and helping with the build but quite frankly when you mix in my looming pmt with a 7 year olds over excited enthusiasm thinking he knows best how to build it, it was not a good combination so best that he left me to it.
He's literally not been off it since. 

We visited the library for new books.  Vikings are popular at the moment since watching Time Team and Tony Robinson showed a viking poo that was about the size of Barnabys head! We also got some reading books and a joke book.
Finally I said he could hire a dvd and he chose Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. I quite enjoyed it. He apparently loved it and it triggered that kid obsession about watching something over and over and over. His knowledge about mythical Gods is coming on in leaps and bounds! 
He accompanied me to my smear test on Friday morning. Can categorically state that this is not something I'd have considered when he was at school but being home and together all day he's learning about all aspects of life. With this kind of stuff if I catch it early enough and am rather matter of fact about it all he will treat it will indifference. That's the idea. After all, smear tests are important aren't they? So after explaining that they were testing some cells in my cervix to make sure that I stayed healthy his response was "Can I watch Percy Jackson when we get in?"
He did thoroughly enjoy telling the nurse all about home education and how it meant he could have lie ins every day and do nothing at all but eat crisps in bed.
Of course.
That's *exactly* what we do all day. 

Our Geography project is coming on nicely.  I will write a separate post on that but here are a few photos of it so far! 

Today was sports club where he played hockey,  dodge ball and tag,  then Beavers tonight was the sports day with other local Beavers and scouts. He had a great time! 
So, a busy but fun few days!  

Ps - I know you're wondering but sadly no, no photos taken at the time of mt smear test ;)

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