Saturday, 6 June 2015

Useful resources - stuff I found so far!

I thought it might be good to list some of the places I have found resources that Barnaby is using to learn at home.
Taking into consideration we are pretty much flat broke then 'reasonably priced' is what I'm looking for. Free is even better! There is so much out there and everyone will suggest different places to look so this is really a quick short list of things that have helped on our entry into Home Ed - and might also be useful for those parents of schooled kids that they wish to do some extra at home.

Lots of stuff can be found by googling and there are lots more other places I've not even looked yet such as Twinkl, which seems to be very popular.

  • gives credits for 5 free printables. They cover EYFS and Primary and I mainly chose spelling and Maths. 
  • - Free printables is the link to a fab site that you can download various printables and powerpoint presentations among other things. The site is free to join and works on a basis of teachers sharing work they have created although I've included the link to the free section
  • Primary brilliant site with teachers offering their work again so you can download via subject. 
  • - kept Barnaby entertained for hours

Cheap workbooks can be bought from various places - Poundland, Asda, The Works, Home Bargains and normally under a quid. The best workbook we have used so far is an Atlas book for 69p that covers info all about the Earth and it's components and the lots of very detailed descriptions about the countries. We refer to this often at the moment.

Book resources can be found for free at the library, obvs. This is where we look first of course but some times you just need books for reference. I have found the Works great for these at a good price but my best recommendation is The Book People (The Book People) - they email almost every day with flash offers, free delivery or discount codes so worth waiting for a few days to work out the best deal. I spent £37 when we first started Home Ed and not looked at a single book from their as yet, however I know we will enjoy what we have bought in the near future.

If you want to have a nose at my Pinterest board for home ed the link is here though it's early days yet so there isn't loads on there!

We are signed up to Conquer Maths ( which is a years subscription. It's a brilliant resource, provides a lesson and then a test for understanding at the end. It is worth seeing if you can combine forces with other home ed families to secure a discount on resources.

Finally, I work electronically!  I only record Barnabys results and print him a certificate when he achieves it. He can refer back to his learning on the website itself.
I take endless photos of work and post some on this blog as a trail of learning which documents  everything. That way I try to limit the amount we spend on ink and printing costs - and of finding somewhere to keep it all. My tiny little house is already bursting at the seams!

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