Monday, 12 October 2015

Crumpets and Coagulants

This morning started abruptly at 6am. 

I say abruptly,  I'm used to getting up at that time but Barnaby always takes a few days to settle back down after being at his Dads for the weekend.  So he didn't really want to be awake but couldn't get back to sleep so I agreed to him watching Percy Jackson while having something to eat.

The peace didn't last long. I heard a panicked squawk and a nasally call for help.  Turns out he'd had a somewhat explosive nosebleed after falling off the bed. Only the second in his life and the first one I've had to deal with. 

It took quite a while to ease up, and just provided extra evidence for my "you know you're a parent when...." list by asking "have you been ferociously picking your nose?! " and "have you shoved anything up there?!" 

Anyway, we ended up having a long discussion about blood, it's purpose, white blood cells, red blood cells and and how it manages to stop itself. I took great joy in over using the word coagulant, mainly because it's one of my favourites. I spent some time working in a Blood Component Technology business many moons ago and decided then that coagulant is a firm favourite, alongside my other favourite word: anticoagulant. 

I'm nothing if not predictable. :)

Barnaby,  pleased to be having such an insight so early on a Monday morning, was rather interested once he'd calmed down that the blood on the inside of his body that was quite persistent in being outside of his body would eventually stop. 

You're craving crumpets now, right?
Needless to say, when it did, the first question was " Can I have three crumpets for breakfast this morning?" It seems, as I have suspected for many years, crumpets make *everything* better. 

So, after a shower and chores we started some impromptu grammar/punctuation/spelling after he found a load of love letters girls had given him when he was 5.
He went through and corrected the capital letters, the commas, the lack of question marks and some of the spelling. It also gave me opportunity to talk about apostrophes in cannot/can't, do not/don't, are not/aren't. 

It should be said that at the girls writing to him at this stage were the ones in his class - at the same point he could barely spell his own name, thus the letters were pretty spectacular. Besides which, I thought that "will you mary me?" was really quite cute. 

But it just goes to show that there are lessons everywhere: through a nosebleed and a tidy up we've learnt all sorts of things before it's even 8am! 

Happy days! 


  1. Hey Tracey,
    Loving your stories and following your progress with interest - keep it up

  2. Sorry for the reply Lucy, I've only just seen your comment! Thank you! :) xx

  3. Sorry for the reply Lucy, I've only just seen your comment! Thank you! :) xx


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