Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What a load of......

Over breakfast we begun a discussion about poo.

Specifically, food, digestive systems -and the problems with mine- and how poo is made.
Barnaby has always been fascinated with the book "I know where my food goes" which he's had for years. When he was three his favourite word was oesophagus.  

But now I'm able to explain in a bit more depth about digestion and just why sometimes I can look like I'm 9 months pregnant or am in agony after eating.  

We got out his science book about the human body and had a good look at the intestines, got the tape measure out to see where 5 metres of small intestine would stretch to (that will be to the back of the conservatory!) and ended up discussing how you can judge health by your poo, the importance of water in your system, hiccups,  burps and farts.

For a boy who thinks toilet humour is hilarious he managed most of it without fits of giggles too!

Not quite how I imagined our breakfast discussion would be pre-8am but interesting nonetheless...

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