Monday, 30 November 2015


I'm always trying to maximise every opportunity for Barnaby to write. He doesn't love writing much so usually it's either a means to an end or because I have been sly and found a way to get him to do it without realising! 

Today, though,  what started out as a surreptitious event to get him writing actually turned into the funniest afternoon we've probably had all year, and that's saying something.

I decided to try Consequences.  Do you remember it? You may have called it something else entirely, but I have vivid memories of spending many many hours as a child laughing hysterically with friends playing Consequences. 

For those of you that have never played it it's simply this: each person starts with paper and pen and writes the following list in order, folding after each one and passing to the next person (this works well in a large group as much as one to one)

Boys name
Girls name
Where they met
What he said to her
What she said to him
And the consequences were (or what happened next)

We used people we know or book/TV characters. 

Because you have no idea what the last person wrote it means that, when unfolded and read at the end of the game, the results can be truly hilarious. 

Today I've given myself stitch and lost my eye make up laughing so hard. And Barnaby nearly wee'd himself in hysterics. 

Apart from the laughter it's enabled me to to see what writing and spelling we need to work on for another day, and was infinitely more amusing than hangman we'd been playing beforehand :)

Give it a go with your kids and have some fun (although don't be surprised if you own an 8 year old boy and most responses relate to bodily functions.....  Who *actually* meets at a secret farters club?!  On second thoughts don't answer that!! 

Here are a few of my favourites (which you won't find at all funny because you won't know the people involved but I'm documenting for Barnaby.)

met Daddy
At the fish shop
She said "my pants are purple "
He said "I will shoot you"
And they had a dance off in the bathroom

Dr Who
met Beverley
Playing golf.
He said "I am naked"
She said "Did you know your eyes are wonky "
They went bonkers

Met Barnaby
In a bedroom
She said " would you like a bite of my banana?"
He said "I like chairs "
She was sick on his shoe

Met Mr Bean
At the bus stop
She said "I will eat you"
He said "you are a bit crazy"
They both died laughing.

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