Monday, 9 November 2015

Learning update 7.7.15

Barnaby attended a sculpture session where he spent a couple of hours bashing,  carving, sawing and sanding some thermalite block into a garden sculpture.  He chose to look at a chess set for inspiration and we are now the proud owner of a horse statue for the front garden. It's on guard by the front door (although there was some panic about this in case someone tried to steal it!) 

Unfortunately our car broke down so he missed forest school this week, along with French and Badgers which was a real shame, but we made the most of a free day by going with Mum to visit my sister and family in Frome instead. My niece had an inset day after half term so it was nice to make the most of the opportunity. 
They had great time outside skateboarding (until my niece sustained a forehead injury and put a stop to it!)

Luckily, a lovely friend offered to take Barnaby for the Tuesday park play date then onto sports club while I tried to sort the car so he didn't miss out entirely. 

We have taken the opportunity to use Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot as learning opportunities.
We particularly enjoyed a programme presented by Richard Hammond looking at the damage that would have been caused if Guy Fawkes had managed to light the gunpowder!  Here's the link : The Gunpowder Plot Exploded. We have also used this topic for spellings and been making use of the whiteboard for practising.

A quick trip to the Doctors for me to have some blood tests provided a quick review of everything we had learnt about blood so far. The nurse was great, explaining what was happening and I got to use the word coagulation which always makes me happy!

Thursday afternoon we had the great pleasure of spending 2 hours with Steve Backshall on his Wild World tour. *Obviously* we went to help Barnaby in his education,  but there is no denying the front row seats were for Mummy :) :)
We had a great time learning the difference between venom and poison, looking at all the wonderful creatures on earth and looking at what we can do to conserve those that are under threat.
Brilliant session all round really.

Friday morning was volunteering at the Library and then he went off to his Dads for the weekend.

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