Tuesday, 24 February 2015

24.2.15 The Roll a Robot tournament commences

Day 2 in the Harman Home Ed adventure!

Today we've done some maths workbook, talked about vowels and consonants, drawn some pictures/ written about them and we have also played Roll a Robot. This was quite important as although Barnaby can do simple adding, he needs to increase his recall speed on basic sums.

Roll a Robot

I threw this game together. It was based on Roll a Snowman we played at Christmas.

You'll need a die, some paper and a pen.
Simple roll the die twice and add, then draw the part of the robot correlating to the the number. First to complete the robot wins. I got him to add my throws together too so lots of fast sums going on! 

He's a winner.... my robot still legless....
We'll gloss over he fact he's 3-0 up in this game. Ahem.

Tonight he had Beavers and got to see his best friend so he was chuffed about that. They made a cookie, painted a picture and planted a sunflower :)

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