Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Our first day!

Yesterday was our first official home ed day.
Barnaby was feeling a bit nervous on Sunday night knowing his friends were heading back to school the next morning and he wasn't, however when he woke up and realised we no longer had the fight about getting socks and shoes on  and no rushing to make the bell he was much happier.

We have decided to take it really slow over the next few weeks to allow him to de-school. I am not creating much structure to start so that he can get the 'holiday' feeling out the way. He needs to start adjusting from having a strict structure of the school day and get used to the structure of a home ed day. Mind you, so do I! I forgot to switch off the alarm on my phone which told me it was 2.55pm and time to finish work and do the school run!

He asked me at least 400 times 'what would I be doing at school now?' though I know this will ease as time continues.

We have made some lists on topics he'd like to study, I've been looking at some curriculums and we've done a bit of maths, lego, game playing to help with English, reading and drawing.
I have bought some work books that are below the standard he is working at as my main aim is to build his confidence and get him believing he CAN do things. He's cleverer than he thinks, my boy, but he refuses to believe it.

We had a home ed family visit us yesterday, a lovely lady with 2 boys age 5 & 7. It  was nice to chat to someone about how they plan their day and how she goes about things. After an hour of lego and Scooby Doo we took them out for a walk to the park where they had fun running races, playing and trying to catch the rain in their mouth. I remember doing that when I was little - however I thoroughly enjoyed joining in age 38!

All in all, a lovely day!

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