Wednesday, 25 February 2015

25.2.15 Revelations

Early update today as we are due at swimming shortly and I have work tonight.

Won't tell you too much about what we've been up to because I just wanted to share 2 of Barnabys revelations from today:

"Mum, when I was at school I used to get home and be really horrible and bossy to you. I think it's because I was bossed about all day long so that when I got home I felt it was my turn to be the boss. I'm sorry Mum"...


"I really like being hurt. I mean, it kinda feels nice to be scratched and sore and covered in mud and dirt from climbing trees and making dens. It's a nice kind of scratch. "

Well that sums that up I guess!

No photos owing to having to dunk him in the bath before he went anywhere near the sofa, or the walls or anywhere, actually!

Happy smiley Mummy and Boy today.


  1. Its so intuitive for Barnaby to be able to not only understand what makes him tick but to verbalise it too.

  2. Enjoy reclaiming your son ☺


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