Thursday, 26 February 2015

Street Dance & The Conga

I bought an A4 whiteboard which has been really useful as Barnaby hasn't stopped writing on it. We've left each other notes on it, written menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we've been playing lots of hangman which has prompted learning about vowels and consonants. I'm really impressed his spelling has improved so much over the last few months. Now I'm actually in with a chance of guessing what he's written!

We briefly touched on homophones and homographs which we will look at in depth soon. He had a basic understanding of these already which I'm pleased with.

Having met Mum for lunch at Blooms Garden Centre, Barnaby took the opportunity to go into the soft play area. I thought the novelty had worn off for him a bit about a year ago however after spying him lead a conga of under 5s around the place he came out red cheeked and giggling!
Nobody questioned why he wasn't in school, that's quite unusual. I guess they were all just thrilled he was entertaining their kids so they could have 5 minutes peace!

We tried some Street Dance this morning after he found a tutorial at the end of one of his DVDs, it was hilarious! In my head I looked totally cool.... :)

He's asked if he can do a topic on Space. I was surprised it's taken him this long to ask! Will look forward to that one.

I'm discovering learning opportunities are everywhere if you look for them. A trip to the tip today enabled conversations about the rings inside tree trunks (we followed a lorry of logs), lambs (we saw Baa Baa Black Lamb in the adjoining field) which prompted questions on farming, where sheep get their water from, Sunday lunch (and a sing song!), Recycling and how in the olden days when I was little (?! Charming!) the tip was just that, you'd rock up, dump your rubbish in a heap and then drive off. We talked about the build up of gasses and recyclable materials.
The whole hour or so he had no idea he was learning, to him it was just chit chat in the car!

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