Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Welcome to our blog!

Well hello there! 

My name is Tracey and last week was my Sons last day at school. 

We are embarking on an education based on home learning away from the structured set up of the schooling system in the UK.

This blog is to record our learning adventures and to give you an idea of what it's like to home educate, the bits we love, the bits we don't, the fun we have and the journey we are taking. 

Please do comment, ask questions or give me some feedback. There seems to be at least a million misconceptions about home educating so I will be addressing some of those as we go too! 

I am Tracey, a 38 year old single Mum to Barnaby who is 7. I run a sewing business from the summerhouse in the back garden, home educate my boy and look after 2 ginger kittens! Life is full but fun! 

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