Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10.3.15 Learning and Ear Lobes

It's a bit difficult to qualify learning, it happens all the time at different places and about different things.

But the last week or so we've done 3 phonics work books and a maths work book, LiteracyPlanet online, continued the Van Gogh inspired painting and visited All Things Wild which helped with his animals project as we learned loads.

Delving deeper into Van Goghs life has been interesting. We talked about cutting off ear lobes (and I skimmed over the 'he then took it and presented it to prostitutes at a local brothel' sentence - there are some things he doesn't need to learn quite yet!!)

Interestingly though, it has prompted a few conversations about mental health issues. Well, it's not exactly usual to drink paint, cut off ear lobes or shoot yourself but it did make me think how little mental health is addressed with children. Let's face it, everyone knows someone who has issues these days, even if they aren't the one suffering themselves.
I've battles plenty of my own demons  in my time and am pleased I now have a greater understanding of what tips me over the edge and what I have to do to keep myself together.

I do think that protecting yourself and keeping a good health of both the physical and mental variety is really important. Recognising when you are in a bad way or knowing how to seek help is very important. The sooner we start teaching our kids generation about it instead of trying to hush it up or sweep it under the carpet the better.

Other than that we've had friends staying for weekend and enjoyed the sun! Barnaby has been building bases/dens, played lots of football with the teenagers at the park, been on a bug hunt with his magnifying glass, enjoyed David Walliams' Ratburger (we are half way through!), had a school friend over to play and been to Beavers.

The most crucial lesson Barnaby learned over the last few days is that a small and compact bottom does not make for a soft landing when it's your first time taking your skateboard to the skate park. Great reward for finishing his work in good time but does leave a few bruises :)

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