Tuesday, 3 March 2015

3.3.15 Reflections on my first week

So Barnaby went to his Dads this weekend which enabled me to spend the entire time buried under fabric and orders in the summerhouse.
(I run a business which you can find www.fb.com/dixiedotdesigns)
It was the deal, when we started, that I'd do a minimum of 2 hours a night working when Barnaby was asleep however because of a lingering illness I've been too exhausted to contemplate it.
Now we are approaching the mid week point of our 2nd week I have observed the following:
Because 'looking the part' is the most important bit!
Barnaby is a lot less stressed out, much more cuddly and loving. He keeps curling up in my lap, or randomly grabbing a kiss then telling me he loves me. He's always been like this although it's lessened over the last 18 months, I just thought he was growing up. Maybe it's not that at all. Maybe he's just got enough energy and brain space so he can get back to being himself. This is the child I usually see in Summer holidays about weeks 2-5. Let's hope he sticks around!
I spent much of last week going with the flow and doing what we fancied at the time. Generally experienced home edders recommend a months 'de-schooling' for every year a child was in school, however what I have realised is that removing his structure completely has left him a bit frustrated because he doesn't know 'what is coming next' so I've written down a rough plan for the week so that he can see the order of the day. It's worked well the last 2 days.
Being at a home ed meeting is weird. And a nice weird. It's entirely refreshing to be in the company of LOADS of children from newborn to about 13 all playing together. There is no whinging. Or moaning. And parents don't 'hover' over the kids to direct their play or to make sure someone is sharing 'properly'. I've never been much of a hoverer, generally thinking kids should be left to their own devices to sort their issues out (I believe that's how they learn negotiation, leadership and that life isn't always fair!).... But it is such a nice environment at the meet ups. 11 year olds teaching gymnastics to anyone of any age that fancies joining in. Others from ages 4-10 embracing teamwork building dens.
Just made me realise that you don't often see this. It's not really encouraged at school for a mix of ages to play together.
Getting out in the fresh air does us both good. I feel lucky that we've spent 5 hours in the gorgeous but chilly weather today.
Riddles - Questions and Answers, B had to match them.
We've covered more homographs.
We've looked at riddles and their construction. I wrote out some riddles and got B to match up the answers.
Barnabys Dad opted for a lesson on fractions, decimals, units and 'advanced den building' - although I daresay he enjoyed that more than Barnaby! I suspect he also learned that using midget gems for learning fractions was futile knowing the rate at which our Son can hoover up sweets when you aren't looking!
Visited the library and upgraded our cards to Home Ed ones meaning we can keep books longer. Have taken out lots of books on Animals so B can choose his topic animals. Also a few reading books and a David Walliams audio book to listen to at night. We are new to David Walliams and are loving his books so far!
We also played A-Z of animals game, thinking of an animal for each letter of the alphabet (can you think of an X without Google?! We couldn't!) then we went through and decided whether each was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Quite lengthy discussions ensued and Mummy wasn't always right ;)
More Hangman and Roll a Robot.
finally, when we aren't learning Barnaby has either been in the park, on his skateboard, playing football or generally running around. He never sits still!
So lots going on. Am looking forward to shifting this virus and feeling better in the mornings. I'm on such a go slow at the moment, he's always raring to go while I'm clutching my head in need of paracetamol and coffee!
Using midget gems for fractions!

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