Thursday, 12 March 2015

11.3.15 Poorly sick

So, rather than what Barnaby is learning,  *I* am learning that being ill is rubbish! I've had some kind of virus since Christmas which insists on knocking me off my feet a few days a week. Last week I really thought I'd seen the back of it, then yesterday just after swimming I got a sudden and immediately awful cold. This morning I couldn't lift my head off the pillow.

Barnaby has been brilliant though, which is good because he could have taken full advantage of this rare occasion when Mummy can't move off the sofa.

He did his literacy and spellings, we've downloaded Literacy Planet onto his tablet for a free trial and it's brilliant, highly recommended. We have also done some learning about money and values that make up a pound. We counted up the coins in his money box.  He still feels so rich when he has 50 pennies, and not so rich when he has £1. It's hard to explain the value of money sometimes!

As Minecraft appears to be huge in HomeEd he's desperate to get an Xbox however I've said I'll search for a (very) cheap second hand one and in the meantime he's made a chart to monitor his savings so he can earn some money to pay for it.
He wrote a list of ways he can help others/round the house and has asked if he can start earning pocket money for little jobs.
I've made it clear that he still has to do unpaid chores (paying for them to be done goes against the grain with me. I know it's a common thing to do but our house grinds to a halt if it's all left to me and as more than half the work is caused by Barnaby it's only fair he helps out.  Unless anyone wants to pay me for doing my own washing and ironing, then I'll reconsider!!)

He's also done lots of reading today about Castles and Knights. It was their first topic for year 2 when be was in school and he's still fascinated by it all. I'm looking forward to taking him back to Warwick Castle. Their school trip (which I went on) was a waste of time really; we didn't even go in the castle! Looking forward to finding the cheapest way to visit again properly!

Finally, he's done about 45 minutes on the treadmill, unloaded all the food shopping, tidied his room, eaten his body weight in carrots and hummus, wrapped me in a blanket on the sofa and kissed the top of my head about 20 times saying "poor old Mummy. Poor poor old, old, old Mummy"
I *think* that was supposed to cheer me up!

Hopefully I will be well enough to leave the house tomorrow.


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