Wednesday, 18 March 2015

22.3.15 Weekly roundup

Been a mixed bag this week but what a delight the weather has been, we have been outside loads! 
Apart from the usual: literacy, phonics, reading, maths, telling the time, project work, Beavers and Home ed meet, we are happily getting sidetracked by things. Quite often we'll be talking about one topic and one question takes us into something unexpected. For example, we were discussing health & nutrition and various packaging when we discovered my kitchen scales were broken (we were  testing the weights on the packets).

From there we discovered that Trebor Softmints don't have a weight on their label. (they should!) We also discovered the website printed on the pack doesn't even exist so some researching on Google then provided a phone number to Cadburys (are you keeping up?!). We spoke to a lovely man at customer services who confirmed that all packets should have a weight printed on them and that they are 45.5g. So, now you know. I'm sure you'll sleep better tonight!!  It was a bit of a mystery tour for half an hour but quite interesting nonetheless! So he was using Maths, weights, questioning skills, Google, reading and writing. Oh and eating. He likes Softmints :) 
On Wednesday Barnaby achieved the next level at swimming and got his certificate. Bit of a shame that we are going to have to give up lessons next term as I simply cannot afford them. He's done well and is a confident swimmer so objective achieved I guess. 

Thursday Barnaby had an adventure with another home ed family and went off to Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. I was a little nervous as he set off with Ginny and her two boys as we haven't known them long but seems I needn't have worried. Manners were remembered and fun was had by all. Even me who has since seen Barnabys impression of a 'boy flamingo going a bit hyperactive when he sees a girl flamingo he likes'!! Ask him though, and he's adamant he didn't learn a thing...! I love that he doesn't even realise he's learning. 

Solar eclipse was a bit of a non event owing to the fact we were rushing around to get to Forest school. We tried pin holes and colanders, all sorts. As it turned out we discovered we could view it quite well through the filtered glass in the car sun roof! I think he was disappointed it didn't go as dark as the middle of the night. 
His first trip to Forest School was on Friday but I'm going to write a separate post on that one. 
Finally, this weekend has been a sociable one as he met up with 7 of his friends in the park next to our house. I don't think he spoke to me in about 5 hours, he was having far too much fun to worry about me in my picnic chair with a flask of coffee freezing my arse off while he played football! I had 2 of his friends stay on longer and come back to the house (where I took full advantage of having enough people for teams and got them playing a whole heap of educational games without realising, I taught them about telling the time and how they can do their 9 times table easily!) 
We also went visiting friends and started clearing out the spare desk in my summerhouse so he can come and do his lessons while I am working! 
All in all a productive week in the sunshine! Yay! The 

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